Leo Backup

Keep your data with Leo Backup and keep your peace of mind

We provide you with comprehensive and simple solution to backup and restore your valuable data in a few clicks, regardless of your network coverage or data amount, with new powerful capabilities to protect the files from any intrusion, with friendly interface and flexible mechanisms.

Leo Backup Free

LAN and FTP backup
You can send your backed up files over Local Area Network applying the File Transfer protocol, setting the network backup to your local server to simplify and enlarge your backup management. See details

Amazon S3
If you need an online backup service with secure approved outside storing, Leo Backup with Amazon S3 online storage is exactly for you. See details

File encryption
AES algorithm is the industrial standard for encryption. It has been extensively tested and proven worldwide. Apply the AES-256 encryption to ensure no one but you is able to access your data. See details

Direct backup of your major data
Your mainly used files should be safe constantly, therefore they must be easy accessible. Outlook (as well as Outlook Express) and Mozilla mail, Windows profile, Firefox configuration and ICQ settings are manageable by one click command. See details

To preserve your storage space you can apply Zip64 compression for your backups. We use the standard Zip64 technology, so you can restore the backed up files manually, using any zip-compatible utility. See details

Flexible scheduler
In order to avoid the unexpected but possible failure, it is indispensable to apply the scheduled backup. You can define the proper plan and run the backup and restore automatically. Just set the program and Leo Backup will perform it accordingly. See Details

Reporting service
You are always notified of the backup results by e-mail message. Moreover, you can receive the detailed log about the performed operation.

Incremental backup
Incremental backup operates with only those files that has been changed after the previous backup procedure. Therefore, it works faster and requires less storage space. See details

Leo Backup Pro and Enterprise

SFTP and FTP SSL/TLS support
Thanks to secure protocols you can avoid any data intercepting. Both protocols encrypt the passwords and files before transferring, guaranteeing your files remain totally intact. See details

Service mode support
Leo Backup can work as a system application. The benefit is that your backup job is processed, even if another user connects to the system at that moment or when no one is logged on. This is particularly suitable for your scheduled tasks to be executed even when you are offline and also for backing up the stand alone servers. See details

Open & locked files backup
You don't have to close any running applications during backup anymore: shadow copy option allows you to achieve an interrupted backup of your locked and open files that will be processed smoothly. See details

Registry Backup
The registry stores the data in a structured hierarchy of keys, subkeys and named values. Incorrectly editing the registry may severely damage your system. Leo Backup gives you the one-click option to reliably back up your Registry files. See details

SQL Database backup
Leo Backup provides the ability to backup SQL databases from local and remote SQL servers. The program runs SQL query and copies backed up file database to safe location. See details

Backup to Google Drive
If you prefer to use online storage Google Drive to keep your backed up files then it's very easy with Leo Backup. Just set up the connection to your Google Drive account. See details

Backup to Microsoft OneDrive
You can set up Leo Backup to do backup to Microsoft OneDrive account and then all your files will be kept in this online storage. See details

Active Directory impersonation
You can manage the backup cooperation through the domains systems: our program provides you with flexible arrangement of the company accounts credentials. See details

Special scripting (COM support)
You can adjust the program functionality to the particular company policy. It's a useful interactivity with the software according to your company rules. See details

Unlimited Backup Sets
You can create and manage any amount of backup sets. The program has no limitation with data maintenance, so you can easily categorize your files properly and create as many sets as you need to.

User Interface password protection
Your copy of Leo Backup program might be protected - just set your password on the program launch and no one except you would be able to manage the backup data and its locations.

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