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Data backup with Leo Backup

The fact is that there are lots of opportunities to lose your mission-critical data. Natural events, technical failures and human errors: all these staffs are real threats to our data warehouse. We can count on heaven's grace and hope that we could escape these dangers, until the day when we finally lose the important information. Ooh, why take chances?

Data backup is your hazard insurance.

You can always buy new computer, you can change the drive, but the information is something that is too difficult to make up. There are hundreds stories of downfalls, when a company goes out of business after a loss of data - i.e. for lack of a backup plan.

The first condition of the flawless business system is the protected information. Only after this step is done you can build the further stages.

To avoid downtime, payments of debts and crazy expenses on the restoring services you must manage your backup system. It's indispensable to think over it in advance: data backup is a guarantee that your information will survive, even if your hardware devices don't.

With Leo Backup you can backup your files on your portable devices, on other computer over your network and on a remote host. Draw your attention on some common principles:

1. Set several storage destinations for your backups (find 321 rule here)

2. Schedule your backups: it must be processed automatically

3. Apply security measures: password, encryption, secure data transferring

4. Check a restoring of your backed-up data periodically.

With these simple rules you can always stay light-hearted about your data.

Besides! - keep in your mind these golden rules for backup from 'Mr. Backup', a Backup Expert from BackupCentral.com:

1. That which has not been backed up cannot be recovered.

2. That which has not been backed up off-site will not survive a fire.

3. Any backup that has not been tested with a recovery is not a backup.

4. Ignored backup systems become poorly performing backup systems.

5. Back it up or give it up.

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