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Backup to DVD

Backup to DVD

DVD is one of the main storage types for backup. These disks are not expensive, easy in storing and labeling, and compatible with any computer.

Actually, currently the backup on the disks is a little displaced by backup on more reliable storages like flash media and network places. There are several reasons to it: disks are more vulnerable to physical damage like scratching, heat, water etc; the space volume is limited, and you need to have a disk burner on your machine then.

However there is a main and ponderable advantage of DVD: this is its capacity for the write-once backup.

Also known as WORM (write-once, read many), such devices allow you to keep your backup media unaltered.

This is important part of any backup plan since not-rewritable storage protects your data against any kind of error or corruption, viruses, and accidental erasure.

Nowadays all operating systems are equipped with automatic writing onto DVD, or you can apply third party writing software.

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