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Leo Backup - Backup to FTP SSL servers

Backup to FTP SSL/TLS servers

The connection from your computer to a remote location supposes the open unencrypted transferring on your data over few points, where all these information can be obviously intercepted. An unauthorized person has an access to your information, username and password while it comes on its way.

If there is a matter of remote backup, the secure transfer is indispensable. Don't even think to ignore it - that would cost you too much.

Leo Backup with embedded FTP SSL encryption is a proper solution for those questions.

SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer, Transport Layer Security) provides one of the commonly available security mechanisms and therefore you get a confidentiality, authentication and integrity for your online transactions.

This is the FTP protocol extension that guarantees the secure connections for transferring the most valuable data: SSL uses a cryptographic system with two keys to encrypt data - a secret private key and a published public key.

NB: You can apply Leo Backup as an instrument for your own secure online backup service

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