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Leo Backup: Free Backup via COM interface

COM support in Leo Backup

Leo Backup supports industry-standard interface COM (Component Object Model).

Thanks to COM technology you can work on the program component objects and manage the Leo Backup functionally using your preferable scripting and programming languages such as Visual Basic, Perl, ASP, JavaScript, PHP etc. Therefore, a system administrator can simply adjust the Leo Backup functionality to a company policy thanks to the COM option.

Using COM scripting you can assign any action for your backup work: for instance, create a backup set, specifying all its properties as compression, mask, scheduler and e-mail notification. You can also operate the set: run, stop, add and remove a file in/from this set, assign the destination type, user login rules with all details (password, host, port), public and private key applying, launch an application before and after backup operation, run Leo Backup under the system or current account, etc.

If you're familiar with this activity, there are few benefits of COM support:

1. COM maintains component-based software development that comes with a number of advantages, such as the ability to use pre-packaged components and tools into an application and support for code reusability in other parts of the same application.

2. COM components are designed to separate themselves from single applications and hence can be accessed and used by several different applications without any hassle.

3. COM lets the different components to communicate with each other, so the different language components might be interact. In other words COM is language-independent.

4. COM helps to access components loaded in different machines on the network, so the applications that is using COM can access and share COM components regardless of their locations. Thus COM provides location transparency and COM components are location independent.

You can find the detailed instruction about applying COM to Leo Backup fucntionality in our Online help

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