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The Importance of Mail Backup

Electronic mailing is one of the most popular communication services for both business and personal needs. A lot of valuable information is shared via emails. And while mail services offer different ways of mail backup, protecting their users' account information together with mail history, there are numerous threads that may cause its loss or damage.

Using desktop mail clients somehow solves the problem of email backup. Using Thunderbird, you get all email history stored locally in a text form. You can always use it offline, these files can be copied to a portable drive for better protection. A lot of mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express store emails in proprietary format, unreadable in any other application except its native one. It is a common practice when major mail account information is stored on a mail server, without any local backup email copy. If you have problems with Internet connection or a server crashes, you risk losing your mail history forever.

To avoid this it is recommended to arrange local backup mail storage that can be used for data restoration in case your account is attacked, blocked or simply the data from a server were lost. This is entirely valid for online mail services such as Gmail, HotMail, etc. It is not a problem to arrange an email backup on your home or office PC. All you need to use is a backup manager with backup email mode support.

Mail Backup

Remember that efficient backup storage needs to be constantly updated, as the email history is usually updated with new emails every day. If it is an important corporate mail account, it is better to backup mail history several times a day. Usually this doesn't require big memory storage, as text/images content can be effectively compressed.

To spend minimum time on mail backup, use backup managers with scheduled operation mode: just set the time of desirable backup updates, and it will process all backup work automatically.

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