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Your backup program - how to choose?

Your backup program MUST 1) keep your data safe, 2) make it easy.

So how to achieve it?

Let's grasp here the rudiment necessary for your backup program:

Ease of use Simple interface, helpful wizard and easy-understandable terminology
Automatic Your backup software performs backup automatically, as you've prescribed it the schedule
Reporting notification Your backup program should verify the results of any backup procedure and notify you about it right away
Compression Compressing your files allows you to reduce the resources consumption. Remember that it should be a standard compression mode, compatible with any systems (as ZIP) to avoid the restoring problems.
Encryption Without an encryption your files are open to unbidden person, so this is rather important secure option, don't ignore it
E-mail backup + backup of My Documents, Favorites and Desktop Backup of the main file types facilitates your work routine, so these files should be easy accessible through the interface of your backup program

That's the main points of a backup program providing you with with convenient data backup

Please also take a look on some additinal options making your backup even more suitable:

Open files backup With Shadow copy option you can backup files used by other application .
Remote destination Offsite backup lets you keep your data remotely from your computer, so it'll remain safe whatever happens to your machine. If your backup program supports the secure protocols (SFTP and SSL) it guarantees the great safe transferring of your files then.
Want to know more?

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