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ZIP compression in your backup

Almost all backup products have some type of compression. The purport of compression is simple: to save space and therefore to keep more backup copies in the destination media. Compression is used in many fields of our activity over PC, but regarding to backup you have to bear in mind a few things

Each software uses some particular backup compression algorithm. It means that the data compressed by one program may not be readable by different software then. So it's rather important to have the standard ZIP compression engine built in your backup software. Otherwise the recovery problems might occur.

Note that compression takes time to run and can sometimes interfere with other processes, causing some hanging problems. Therefore compression should be turned off in the cases of performing the large backup on a slower PC.

Leo Backup offers you few types of compression, so you can choose the compression option as you like:

  • No Compression at all - so all your data remain as is
  • ZIP Each File - each file will be zipped and backed up independently
  • ZIP Each Folder - all files within each folder will be zipped into a single archive
  • Single ZIP - your files and folders will be archived into a single zip

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