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Free Leo Backup: Backup to Amazon S3

Backup to Amazon S3

S3: Simple Storage Service

Amazon S3 - an online unlimited storage service with a simple interface that you can use to store and retrieve any data in any volume, at any time and from anywhere. It gives you an access to the reliable, fast and secure infrastructure where you can keep your files confidently.

So if you need the online backup service but you feel worry about an outside storing due to its possible insecurity - then Leo Backup with Amazon S3 online storage is exactly for you. Let's take a look on its benefits:

Storage capacity: you can locate an unlimited amount of data there.

Security: authentication mechanisms are provided to ensure that data is kept closed from unauthorized access. Objects can be set as private or public, and you can grant some privileges to specific users.

Data protection: On Amazon S3 the rule "Put and copy" is applied: these operations lead to store your data simultaneously across multiple instruments, and then you'll get the 'Success' notification. Then Amazon S3 regularly checks the integrity of your data and, in the case of some corruption, recovers the data with redundant object.

Constant verification: thanks to automatic sum-check of the network traffic Amazon detects corruption of data packets during storing/retrieving data.

Versioning: it allows you to retain and restore every version of any file stored in your Amazon location.

Flexibility: You can modify the protocol or functional models according to your needs.

With Leo Backup you can set the Amazon S3 storage in a trice: just select it in the "Where to backup" destination list. Together with encryption, timestamps and scheduling, incremental backup option and ZIP compression you can manage a perfect plan for your secure online backup.

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