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Efficient Backup for Windows

There are two types of Windows back up: full operating system backup and selective data backup. The first one implies that the current computer system can be backed up and easily installed on another computer. Performing selective data backup for Windows you are able to backup some personal data in order to restore it on another Windows PC. It can be such information as Outlook contacts, mail history, Internet Explorer Favourites, Word documents, etc.

Windows Back Up

To perform full backup for Windows you will need to backup its registry and all necessary system files. Such procedure may cause various difficulties. Moreover, the process of Windows backup requires deep knowledge of this OS, in order to perform it properly. That is why common PS users are not recommended to do such backup, as well as system restoration. However, if you decide to do this yourself, it is better to use WindowsNTBackup, a built-in utility specially developed for this purpose.

Backup Windows

NTBackup supports all differences in hardware configurations between source and target computers, and allows to backup the required registry sections. As a result you can backup Windows installation pack and use it on another PC. If there are no essential reasons for complete OS backup, there is no need to perform this procedure regularly. It takes lots of time and memory space. Moreover, if you have a laptop, the system on it can be restored back to the initial state with the help of restore CD supplied by a manufacturer as a unit. Then the "clean" system can be filled up with your personal configurations from their backup copies. That is why selective data backup is more reasonable in some cases.

However, there are some reasons that make full Windows backup preferable. One of such reasons is a need to have a system image with all new programs and OS updates instead of the one with initial settings. Having such Windows back up copy enables to restore the system in full, if the information on a hard drive is lost or corrupted. Your computer system will be restored into a state, maximally closed to the one when the failure happened.

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