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How a Backup Agent Works

Leo Backup - Your Backup Agent

What makes backup software functional is its efficient engine and a powerful feature pack, while a handy user interface makes it comfortable and easy in use. Both are combined in Leo Backup manager, optimized for flawless data processing and easy management.

Backup Agent

Leo Backup consists of two major parts: the shell that a user sees when working with the program, and the agent - the program that works in a background mode. Backup agent runs constantly, when the program is installed on a computer. Both components create a complete backup system that provides constant or regular data copying depending on the configuration a user sets.

All adjustments are made via a user interface. In the Professional version it is protected by a password and can be accessed only by the account owner. The interface is built so that all features are on hand, located in a logical order. You just need to set required backup parameters, like items to backup, destination, etc. A very important part of settings is a backup schedule. Setting all these parameters you adjust the backup agent to work in a mode you need. As it is constantly running, it will continue doing its backup tasks, even if a user who initiated this process has logged off the system or it is currently run by another user. Such technology helps manage all required backup needs regardless of a specific user's schedule.

Thanks to a service mode Leo Backup is able to backup data to remote servers in an uninterrupted way, performing all schedule backup tasks flawlessly. It minimizes the influence of the human factor on a backup process, saving your time and preventing data backup from numerous user errors.

Leo Backup agent provides powerful data protection, being capable of covering backup needs even for business systems. Thanks to the easy management interface it is also suitable for home use by non-professional users.

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