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The Best Backup Program for Windows

Data and system backup helps avoid loosing important information from your computer or breaking it workability after it was attacked by a virus or failed due to various inner errors. Backing up documents, media files or contact information is possible without special software, but this will take a lot of time and efforts from user's side. Backing up the Windows system without a special utility is practically impossible.

My Best Backup Software

When choosing a proper solution for your own backup purposes, take a look at the best back up software available on the market. As a rule high- quality programs are provided in both free basic and paid extended versions. A free version helps evaluate efficiency of this solution. There are dozens of best backup software reviews advising various products to choose from. It is better to rely on the functionality list, as backing up data on computer requires advanced features, and these are the ones that make the best backup program. Full and selective system backup, ability to perform backup copying by a schedule, automatic and remote backup, backup copies encryption and protection - all these are important features that should be provided by a worthy backup program.

My backup choice is Leo Backup. It includes all above-mentioned benefits, and all of them are available in the free Standard version. The Standard version is pretty much enough to cover all backup needs for home use. What makes it the best backup program is the incremental backup mode. Using it you won't need to perform the full system backup often, as the program can regularly backup only those files that have been modified after the last backup was made. The new versions of these files will be recorded. Leo Backup Standard is my backup advice for using on home computers and small computer networks. Leo Backup Professional has an extended feature list with SFTP/FTP SSL protocols shadow copying, Active directory and service mode support. This is the best back up software for professionals to keep data fully secured.

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