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Backup Windows System

How to Perform Windows System Backup

System administrators usually backup systems of their network computers to protect them from any data loss and save the integrity of the system, even if it is damaged by malware or inner breakdowns. Depending on the purposes, you can use one of these system backup:

  • Full backup (complete cloning of the existing system configuration for further transferring to another computer or restoring on the current one)
  • Selective backup (you back up system files that are changed often in order to save them from damage)
  • Supplementary backup (when the newly modified files are backed up and added to a regular full backup system copy).

Windows operating system backup

With selective data backup a system administrator or a common user is able to choose which items to copy. This can be personal user information such as mail history, contacts, media files, documents, etc. This way you can backup all valuable information without performing a full system backup. When you enable complete Windows backup, a full system configuration copy will be made, including all hard drive content. Also you may backup registry and system files that are different in each service pack. Moreover, some system backup Windows applications are unable to backup registry, as it is protected from copying. You will need special skills and knowledge to backup system in full. These problems are difficult for common users to solve. That is why it is recommended to seek professional assistance in back up systems. If after all you decide to perform it, you may need Windows NTBackup utility. It is a built-in solution for backup copying in Windows.

With the help of this utility you can create either a full or a selective back up system copy; use it for restoring the data on your current or any other computer. Typically, regular full backup is not recommended, except the cases, when you need to have the full system image with all applications installed in order to repair the system quickly.

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