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Leo Backup Solution: A Key to Data Protection

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Backup data storage helps protect any kind of information stored on computers from loss due to different unexpected threads, such as system errors, breakdowns, viruses and other malware, etc. OS backup storage helps restore the full system with all settings saved. If you are looking for a back up solution that may cover all your needs of computer data backup, Leo Backup perfectly suits your needs.

There are two versions of the application on hand at your choice. Leo Backup Standard is available free of charge. This backup solution is developed specially for backing up data on Windows computers in order to protect it from loss or integrity breakage, providing troubleproof workability for a PC or a computer network. Backup data copies created by Leo Backup can be compressed and encrypted for safe and compact storing. You can store backup copies on any data carriers, even remotely. This makes the program one of the most functional among back up solutions available for free. Ability to perform data backup regularly by adjustable schedule helps avoid any unexpected system data loss. With the help of Leo Backup you are able to backup only those files that were updated since the last system backup, i.e. you save your time and system resources on each following backup process.

Leo Backup Solution

An extended back up solution version is Leo Backup Professional. It includes all features of the Standard version, together with more advanced functionalities such as FTP SSL and FTP protocols support, Password protection for the user interface, Active Directory support and service mode support. In a service mode this backup solution works as a system application, processing backup even when no one is logged on to the system. Another important function of Leo Backup Pro is ability to backup the registry data.

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