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How to choose Backup Software for Windows

Choosing Windows Backup Software

In order to restore your computer into a completely operating mode in the quickest possible time, you should have a software backup Windows copy that will prevent you from installing all your applications over again. While the operating system itself can be easily restored from the standard boot disk, user applications can be irretrievably lost when the system is damaged by viruses or other threads. Some Windows back up software offer selective data copying that gives ability to create a backup copy of specific software installations. When needed, the programs can be easily restored from their backup copy.

Performing Window backup software copying instead of a full system backup is much simpler and faster. Sometimes a full system backup copy cannot be restored on a new computer without compatibility problems, and it means there is a risk of losing information even with a full system copy. Installing the OS from the standard installation PC, and then restoring user applications from back up software Windows copy, solves the problems of compatibility between the existing system configurations and new hardware.

Backup Software for Windows

In order to perform software backup for Windows, use Leo Backup application that has everything you need for efficient data backup copying. Here you will be offered a few backup modes, including selective copying of Windows applications. You can perform copying in an automatic mode, by a predefined schedule that significantly reduces time costs of the backup process. Its clear and handy interface is suitable for inexperienced users, while extended functionality is enough even for professional system administrators managing big computer networks.

It is possible to store the Windows back up software image locally or remotely, protect it by passwords and encryption, use it for restoring software on several machines. With Leo Backup your Windows applications will be always restorable.

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