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Sometimes the online backup is a perfect option to keep your data when other methods fail. Let's take a look how good it can be.

Impossible to destroy

Just imagine - you can scratch a DVD where your files have been backed up previously. You can lose or break your USB flash! And some evil theft can steal your computer! Well, any physical destruction is possible, unfortunately. But if you've putted your data remotely, using an online backup option, your files remain untouched in any case.

Your files are always accessible to you

You can reach the online destination of your files from any point. You just need an Internet connection to achieve it. Moreover, you can use this storage for a secure file sharing.

Timely update

You can keep the status of your files automatically updated only in the case if the destination location is continuously connected to your computer. It can be the local disk, but we've told you already about the local backup dangers. Together with it, you cannot update the files located on your USB or DVD - you have to plug it in first.

Your online storage is always connected to your source: you cannot forget it in your other jacket pocket as it might happen to your USB. Online backup gives you real-time backup protection and, therefore, a properly updated status of your files.


The only danger of online backup is that it is ONLINE. If you're online you're always more vulnerable to others. So, in choosing the online backup service please be attentive to these points: secure protocols, encryption and password. SFTP and SSL protocols are indispensible for online connection since the main risk is that your data might be intercepted during the transferring. Encryption and password lets you be sure that your files remain inaccessible further.

The other problem you might meet choosing the online backup for your data is that you're never sure in this online location. The service providers serve hundred of computers, they use their own methods and the inner regulations of this server are under a veil of secrecy. The best way to set your secure online backup is to purchase your own online host and unite it with secure backup software. You know what happens on your own online location, you know how the secure options are set.

Especially for service providers:

You can apply Leo Backup as an instrument for your own online backup service: see the scheme

Leo Backup allows you to use all these points:

Secure transferring and storage of your files, your own online destination for your files, always accessible to you from any place with Internet location, with opportune updates.

What can be better?

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