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Back Up to External Hard Drives

Making External Hard Drive Back Up Copies

Backup copying on an external hard drive or a USB drive is now one of the simplest and the most useful ways to prevent data loss on your computer. A data carrier with required information backed up can be easily put into a safe place where it will be stored until the data recovery is required.

Backup to External hard drive

An external hard drive back up allows to store up to 1 TB of information that is enough to backup everything you need. Backing up documents or media files from PC can be made in the USB backup mode, when information is backed up in a compressed way on an external flash memory drive. External backup drives will serve a reliable copy of important system information in case of any breakdowns - hard drive damage, user's mistakes, virus attacks, etc. Leo Backup utility supports all external hard drive backup modes, enabling you to store compressed backup copies compactly instead of occupying inner system resources.

With Leo Backup the process of information backup turns into an easy and very efficient procedure, saving your time by fully automatic data procession. When you perform backup copying, you can specify any destination for saving the copies. All external backup drives, such as external hard drives or USB flash drives are supported by Leo Backup. It is a very useful feature when your computer doesn't have any CD or DVD drives.

Backup to USB Flash Drive

For more efficient use of backup drives external copies can be compressed for more compact data storage. Thanks to this a USB backup flash drive can contain several times more information. To prevent the backup copies from an unauthorized use, Leo Backup offers data encryption. Both full and incremental backup modes are available. A flexible backup task scheduler will help automate the backup process. With all these features external hard drive backup becomes maximally fast, secure and compact.

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