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Backup Strategy and Policy

Developing Effective Backup Strategy

If you need to build reliable data backup system for your personal or corporate use, you should start with figuring out a correct and full backup policy that will regulate all actions of data backup copying. Literally this is a list of rules and principles that will be used for arranging and maintaining your backup data system. Backup policy should be documented. This is what you should start with, when building your backup strategy. It should be cost-efficient, functional and easy in maintenance, at the same time covering all your backup needs.

Backup strategy

In order to define what types of backup you need to use it is better to answer a few simple questions to define the backup system application area. Determine the resources that should be backed up, the place where backup copies should be stored, and the personnel responsible for backup system operation. Another important items are backup schedule and software. This information will help you to choose the optimal backup types and resources required for their realization.

Usually data resources in any system have different priority levels. It is better to prioritize your data in order to define how frequently it should be backed up. Some resources are changed hourly, some are modified once a month - all this is important for efficient backup resource use. The ranged data types for backup copying should be included into your backup strategy, so you will be able to see how frequently t specific resources should be updated in backup storage.

Backup Policy

After all these measures are taken, you will need to configure your backup software according to the required backup schedule. Remember that there are different backup types reasonable to use in different conditions. A full system backup is better to perform on a regular basis, but not often. Typically home computers do not require it at all. It is much more resource-efficient to do regular incremental data backup, by adding newly changed data items to the existing backup storage. This will help you arrange effective backup process.

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