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There are plenty of email services to choose from, while one of the most popular is Gmail. Being free, Gmail account provides excellent functionality for mailing and personal management assistance. Moreover, it is very easy to make Gmail backup in a few ways that makes it one of the most secure virtual mail clients.

Gmail backup

The first way to backup Gmail is to copy an account to a local mail client such as MS Outlook or Thunderbird. Gmail gives detailed instructions as to how to configure an account locally, using POP3 access protocol.

POP3 serves for transferring your email history and other info from a mail server to your PC. Gmail fully supports this protocol, so there is no problem to import your Gmail account to desktop mail client. In order to backup Gmail history locally, choose the program you like more. One of the most recommended is Thunderbird. It is simple and reliable, which perfectly suits your Gmail backup purposes. Thunderbird client stores email messages as simple text files that is very convenient for their backup. Using Outlook you will face the problem of using backed up emails, as they are stored in DBX format.

Follow the instructions for setting POP3 connection - Gmail gives them for all major mail clients. After settings are made, you will get your Gmail history uploaded. The first checking for new emails may take rather long time, as all your messages from virtual Gmail account are imported.

Updating your local Gmail storage regularly, you will get its full copy. And even if your Gmail account is stolen or blocked, all messages will be accessible via desktop. Such Gmail backup can be supplemented with remote backup. After you got your electronic letters stored in PC memory, you can backup them with the help of special software like Leo Backup, and store this copy on a USB flash drive or another portable carrier. If you backup Gmail in such a way, your business correspondence will be secure even if both the mail account and the PC are crashed.

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