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How Version Backup Systems Work

Working with documents or developing websites and software implies constant files modification, when something is added or edited. Very often users forget to create a backup copy of the files they use. When some mistake is done and the file is saved, it is impossible to 'roll it back' and cancel the unwanted changes. In order to eliminate such situation, the modern computer systems are equipped with version backup storages.

Version Backup

This kind of backup systems usually implies file-by-file backup copying with ability to restore a separate file when needed. Depending on the requirements, files can be updated regularly (once in a specific period of time) or after each change. If some unwanted changes were applied, a system administrator or a user can restore an earlier version of this file.

Most of version backup storages are built on incremental backup technology. Different versions of backup updates are stored on a local or virtual server. If it is a home PC, they can be stored on a hard drive or some portable data carrier. With the help of a user interface, you can easily reach this storage, find the required file version and made a file rollback up to the moment you need. All backup versions are stored in a proper order, so it is not difficult to find the one you need.

Sometimes version backup systems are applied to the whole computer system in order to prevent its breakdown in different circumstances. If some serious user errors were made, a system administrator can always rollback the system to a normal state it was in before the error.

Such systems are typically designed for multipurpose use and are managed maintaining backup file copies from different users. If several users work with the same data resource, its local copies are made on each work station. When backup copies come from them, they are recorded to storage by a chronological order. It is possible to recognize whom the copy belongs to as each one is assigned to its initiator.

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