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Leo Backup Rebranding

Leo Backup Rebranding

We provide two different types of the product re-branding:

Product has a new name and shows your company attributes, but the “based on Leo Backup” texting is explicitly shown in the title bar and also in the "About" Box:

White Label
Product shows your company attributes only. No mention of "Leo Backup" in UI.

Here is a link on the sample of Leo Backup re-branded version: SampleBackupSetup.exe.


  • We provide the only customization you can see in the sample build. Any additional customization is a subject of the subsequent negotiations and fees.
  • Rebranding of newer versions of Leo Backup is a subject of extra payment (50% from initial fee)
  • The maximum time for the rebranded version adjustment: 5 workdays
  • Free bug fixing
  • Free support
Re-branding type Price (click to buy)
   Simple $99.95
   White Label $399.95

If you decide to buy the re-branding of Leo Backup please select the customization type and make a payment. Then provide us with the following information:

  • OrderID of your purchase
  • New product name
  • Your company name
  • Your company site URL
  • Product site URL
  • Product purchase URL (for menu Help->Purchase)
  • Support email address
  • Sales email address
  • Small logo (.bmp, 150x70px, recommended background color RGB(225, 240, 250). Sample.
  • Large logo (.bmp, 200x120px, recommended background color RGB(210, 240, 255). Sample.
  • Installer name
  • Welcome page URL (open after the installation)
You can use the same URLs and addresses for the different items.

Please send information at .

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