LeoBackup.Application: How to Create/Open Backup Set?

To create the main object of COM interface you need to apply the standard VBS function CreateObject:

Set MyBackupApp = CreateObject("LeoBackup.Application")

Upon this command the value “MyBackupApp” becomes a COM object with "LeoBackup.Application" interface. With its help we can create and open backup sets.

To open backup set “MyBackupSet” you need to apply the method “OpenBackupSet” of the “LeoBackup.Application" interface:

Set MySet = MyBackupApp.OpenBackupSet("MyBackupSet")

To create new backup set “MyNewBackupSet":

Set MySet = MyBackupApp.CreateBackupSet("MyNewBackupSet")

With these commands the object MySet becomes the backup set with the name specified. Using this object we manage the current settings, create new ones, run/stop backup process etc.

Here is a full script procedure as how to create the backup “MyBackupSet” and show its name:

  1. Create a text file with .vbs extension;
  2. Copy and paste there the following content:

    Set MyBackupApp = CreateObject("LeoBackup.Application")
    Set MySet = MyBackupApp.CreateBackupSet("MyBackupSet")
    MsgBox MySet.Name

  3. Save file;
  4. Done!
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