Step 2: Backup Destination

On this step please specify the backup location and its properties.

There are six destination types:

  1. Local/Network Drive
  2. Click button to specify the proper location for your backup task or type it manually.

    You can connect by applying the different user name:

    In this case the backup will be located on the network share that requires authentication, so please specify the accessing data here.

  3. Standard FTP server and FTP server with SSL/TLS
  4. You can set the backup of your files over the standard FTP or over the FTP with a special secure extension, so first please select the proper one:

    Then please fill in the following fields:

    Note: SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer, Transport Layer Security) provides one of the most commonly available security mechanisms. This is the FTP protocol extension that guarantees the secure connections for transferring the most valuable data.

  5. SFTP server
  6. SFTP, the network protocol based on SSH (Secure Shell), is an efficient opportunity to securely manage important file transfers within your office/network. This protocol guarantees the ultimate protection of the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of data transferring.

    When you are going to backup your data to the SFTP server, you need to specify the same points as indicated above, but you also can apply the following advanced options:

    Public key and Private key: Here you may apply the special related key pair: a secret private key and a published public key.

    Passphrase: please specify the prescribed passphrase.

  7. Online Data Storage
  8. Amazon S3, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are online unlimited storage services with a simple interface. You can use it to store and retrieve any data of any volume, at any time and from anywhere. They give you an access to the reliable, fast and secure infrastructure where you can confidently keep your files.

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